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Tuesday, 11th | Fortnite Customs | 4:30pst/7:30est | w/N0daz

Thursday, 13th | Reacting to Grinders | 4:30pst/7:30est | w/N0daz


birthdays this month

Happy Birthday to all of our members celebrating a birthday this October!

  • PSR GeeBaby

  • PSR WavyBenji

  • PSR Cinlu

  • PSR Nico


Member of the Month

October - N0daz

For the month of October we want to recognize N0daz for his recent hard work and commitment. N0daz has been on the team since March, and has progressed within the team; starting off on Pulsar Future, joining main team, becoming community manager, and now Pulsar Future Owner. We are recognizing N0daz for his incredible ability to be able to balance and excel having a full-time job, stream on the Pulsar Twitch, run Pulsar Future, stream on his personal Twitch, and still have time in his personal life to do things he wants and enjoys. Overall, N0daz is a successful streamer, amazing manager/owner and a supportive member of the team and community, and is therefore the Member of the Month.



Pulsar Future Owner
Community Manager


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